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The 31st of October is the day all of us are looking forward to. The first Pakistani horror movie: has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Working on a project of this caliber is truly an honor for Roll films. With the shooting done and all the pre-production shenanigans out of the way it has come down to us to make with what we’ve got. It’s time for Roll films to get rolling. The post production for a film of this magnitude and anticipation calls for something special. Everybody here is really excited to delve into the horror genre and make a memorable and visually mesmerizing movie.

Everybody is very excited about the project and is really looking forward to working on it. But being first at something does come with its own challenges. Even though we were keen to avoid any missteps during the initial stages of production and shooting there are still a lot of problems that have become apparent in the post production stage.

The issues

There have been a number of obstacles faced as yet. They are as follows:

  • Lighting

The lighting was a key concern while shooting Pari, as it would be for any horror movie of this caliber and a lot of attention and time was put in to get the perfect light for every shot. However this did not work out as planned as we are now noticing mistakes that were made and have been working tirelessly to make the most out of the scenes that do have lighting problems.

The settings in the movie are mostly of the evening and late night. This makes having lighting absolutely crucial for giving off the intended eerie and intense feel. However we have been very successful in solving the problem and the finished product looks better and better by the day.

  • Color

Filming and shooting schedules were very hectic due to this some scenes could not be shot at the ideal times. This has created some problems in color in the raw footage: In its consistency and its scaling. However this problem has also been met and taken care of. Our team, here at Roll films, has worked hard to make the scenes have the ideal color so that the feel of the movie is not sacrificed.

  • Animation

Animation for Pari has been quite a hassle. The genre of movie calls for something special and Roll films has been working day and night to make that a reality. A lot of effort has been put into creating animation and dynamic simulations. The various special effects required such as pyro technics and smoky visuals have all been worked on for countless hours so that the end result may be worth the money of everyone who goes and watches it.