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Internships are just a method for big firms to get free labor. Those are the first words I ever heard about internships. Boy were they wrong!

Hi, my name is Elvis Gill and I have been interning at Roll films for about one month now. Working at Roll films was my first real experience of a professional environment.  I being a media student was really looking forward to the experience but I was really nervous about it simultaneously.

The people

So, one of the vexations that I had was that, the people already working here wouldn’t really be accepting of me and shun me as the new kid. This is a common conception of the people in media. This was however totally debunked for me the first day I got here. Everybody in the Roll Films team was very considerate for all the short comings I had in my assigned projects, and also were a great help in improving the quality of my work. Everybody helped me out in some way, shape or form and for that I’m truly grateful.

The Environment

This being my first office experience I wasn’t really sure of what an office environment was like. Roll films are very professional in their ways and this was the driving force to my learning process. The internship proved to be just as educational as my other classes. The team always put the educational aspect of an internship first.

The Experience

My short stint at roll films was one of the most fulfilling experiences. I learned a lot more than I initially expected. Be it the technical details or the way of the industries or even life lessons, the team members were not hesitant at all in sharing their knowledge. I have learned a lot from Roll films and will take a wealth of knowledge forward in life.